Story Based Inquiry


Luuk Sengers är en internationellt känd grävare och föreläsare. Tillsammans med amerikanen  Mark Hunter har han tagit fram SBI-metoden, Story Based Inquiry method. Den hjälper reportern att strukturera, researcha och presentera grävjobbet. Luuk Sengers föreläser på Gräv13 i Göteborg för att presentera sin metod i fyra steg. Inför detta gjorde grävgeneral Nils Hanson en intervju med honom:

What is the idea behind Story Based Inquiry?
Put story before facts. Don’t go looking for facts before you have a very clear idea of your story. A good story scenario will guide you effectively and efficiently through any investigation.

What can the participants learn from your presentation?
You will learn how to build a practical story scenario, with a feasible hypothesis, timeline and sourcemap. And we will extend that scenario to a ”Masterfile” – a database for the investigation.

You have made this presentation in plenty countries. What reactions have you received?
Many newcomers in investigative journalism have embraced the SBI-method as the only one that helpes them step-by-step with their endeavors. Experienced colleagues improved their way of working and in many cases acclaimed that our careful approach saved them time and trouble in complex investigations.  

Select one area where we investigative journalists need to improve ourselves.
Organisation: structuring, managing and selling our work; making the best of the time and money we can get.

Please, give us briefly your three top tips for the inexperienced investigative reporter!
1. Put the story before the investigation. (Get your story right before you embark a lengthy and costly inquiry.)
2. Don’t look for the right answers – look for the right sources. (Answers are everywhere, reliable sources are harder to find.)
3. Being sensitive to the unexpected, even in the dullest of events, makes a good storyteller.

Här kan du läsa mer om Luuk Sengers samt ladda ner hans manual Story Based Inquiry


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